Resolve common technical communication gap at workplace

Transparent communication and openness with the team are helping to increase communication and create healthy environment. Choose the correct communication medium at the correct time.

June 10, 2018


First we set goals and then start working towards achieving that goals. The team works on a common goal but sometimes there is a communication gap between the team members. These Communication gaps can create a lot of confusions and can also lead to project failure. It’s impossible for everybody to know about everything. So, there will surely be some lags in communication. But here we will learn how to minimize them and how to tackle with such situations. In this article I will share some of my experience about the topic.

To resolve the communication gap we might do following.

1. Self Organize  

The team member should be self-organized and also organization should create an environment to make team member self-organized. If there is self-organized team present in the company, communication within the team goes well. The self organized team always follow the company process and eagerly work by them self.

2. The written copy of Proof

There are lots of roles in any tech company such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developers, Product Stakeholders etc. During any decision making do not depend on verbal communication only; you need the written copy of proof for that because the team is quite busy with their own work. The team can forget own decisions and then questions may be raised at any time if anything goes wrong.

Not only tech field, But in every business it is a good idea to confirm any business or technical decision made by the team.

3. Make a checklist for the events

We shouldn’t forget to communicate with the team. So, do not miss any important events at your company. We are human beings and we may forget those events so make a checklist according to priority. That will really helps us to organize our meetings and daily plans.

4. Open to all

Our team expects we will complete our work on estimated time, But sometimes we may face some sort of issues or problems due to which our work will get delayed. Nobody knows about your situation if you do not tell them which is again a communication gap. So we have to feel free to openly tell the team about the situation.

If we even did something wrong we should take our responsibility and say and apologize to team. We should be transparent and open in such a way that every other team member should know every work that we are doing everyday.

Conclusion: Above are some ideas to reduce the communication gap in my perspective. There might be a lot more ways to remove the communication gap. Please share your opinions in comment section below. Thanks for Reading, Cheers!

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