6 Questions with Web Designer Mr. Rohit Maharjan

This article is based on some questions that I had asked to my Web Designer friend Mr. Rohit Maharjan and I am hoping to learn from his career journey.

May 14, 2019


1) How did you get into the Tech?

The funny thing is that I had completed my Bsc. CSIT but I had no skills related to Information Technology. My initial startup was that I joined a Computer Institute to learn PHP. But the very next day I changed my mind and switched to designing because that was what I loved to do. I used to attend technical programs to keep myself updated with new technologies.

My good friend Mr. Madhu Sudhan Subedi helped me on Git/Github profile to make up my public portfolio. I got connected with iconic technical people in Linkedin and Twitter. I spent my spare time on research ( based on designing ) and I also wrote blogs on medium. This is how I got involved in the technical field.

2) Can you explain the importance of Better UI Design in today’s Web Applications?

UI/UX is a brain of Web Design System. We need to understand it. We need to understand the basic frame and position of the sections. Nobody has the guts to swap header and footer section. Container wrapper must be there to maintain the standard. Typography standard is important. The main objective is website should be as simple as possible, user-friendly and should be understandable by any literate user. A basic example is Google. Try google.com there will be no other option but to just type and search. That’s the point. And most importantly, know the difference between what you wanna keep and what you need to keep.

3) How do you write clean, maintainable and reusable code so that the Backend Developer feels comfortable with your code?

As far as becoming a professional Web Designer, we need to write clean and clear code. There shouldn’t be any flaws. I maintain my code standard by writing a code for a particular section and I won’t start code for another section until I finish my current section. After I finish my design I do CSS validation and I manage my responsive design in a separate sheet. In case of keeping my code comfortable with backend design, I prefer to use bootstrap, the enhancement of CSS framework. It is comfortable for both Front-End Developers and Back-End Developers. There are some utility CSS with relevant class. Sometimes I prepare basic utility CSS with the relevant class name which makes sense. For Example: If a Back-End Developer needs a button then he/she just needs to add a class button in the required tag. I hope now you got my point.

4) What are the things that motivate you the most to do your day-to-day web designing work?

I am not always energetic for my daily work. Sometimes I just don’t get up from my bed. I just open my laptop and surf all day long whatever I like. Sometimes just like to go out for some coffee. I often travel outside the valley and love to surrender myself to nature. But most of the time I’m working with all the new frameworks, recent, advanced, latest and greatest techniques which are far more efficient and easier to use and it motivates me to do my day-to-day web designing work. Everyone hates monotonous work life. We need to charge our body and feed our soul. These days I started working on digital art through the illustrator. Whenever I publish those arts in social media people appreciate and love my work. So it gives me more motivation to do hard-work and polish those skills.

5) What are your professional goals going forward?

My professional goal is to form an IT Community in my society and be that helping hand to the fresh graduates who need help. Maybe I’ll start an Institute for them. Also, I’ll prepare a basic IT course and presentation for semi-literate people inside my society to teach them basic knowledge about modern Information Technology. But I may or may not fulfill all the goals.

6) How do you keep yourself updated?

When we work in any IT Company, we get updated in Technology with full passion. I don’t frequently read technical blogs and articles. But I enjoy spending hours on Youtube watching the latest cutting edge technologies. I do attend technical programs and meetup. So I have kept myself technically updated and active very much. Especially I meet people who work in WordPress, one of the biggest conferences for WordPress happened in Nepal in March 2019, I was one of the volunteers there.

Rohit Maharjan is currently working as a Web Designer at Access Keys. He has been involved in this IT industry for more than 2 years. He also loves photography, art and music. As far as I know him, he is always a down to earth person You can also check out his website and he is also on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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