I am excited to attend Threat Con Conference


It’s almost 3 years, I have been working at a tech company. I learned something about web and technology and keep updating my knowledge to new technology as much as possible. I also have little idea about web application security, modern frameworks and tools that are helping us to secure the application by default by providing lots of mechanisms but not much idea about web security. I was about to study some series of books and watch some video tutorials of web security. I had no clear idea how should I start to learn that skill but I really needed those skills as a software developer.

Then, I found that Threat Con Conference happening at Nepal on 22 and 23rd November 2018. I immediately checked some detail of the Conference and composed an email to my cool company (UBA Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) to provide me 50% Sponsorship to buy a corporate ticket of the event. The response of email was quite positive. I got full sponsorship from the company and cherry on top is that we are now 3 people going to the event from UBA Solutions Yay!.

About Threat Con conference

This is the first International Cyber Security conference in Nepal for anyone interested. There will be technical and Non technical talks and seminars will in this event. People from more than 10 countries of will be participating in the event. Event location is Annapurna Hotel, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal. Speakers from more than six countries are participating this event.

What are the activities will happen in threatCon?

Well, I got all the information from Threat Con’s official website. 2-day conference has two parts. First day(22rd Nov) there will be two workshops: Bug Bounty Workshop and secure Coding Workshop. Bug Bounty Workshop will be conducted by Prateek Tiwari and Secure Coding Workshop will be conducted by Jim Manico. One participant can attend only one workshop because those events will be running in parallel.

Second day(23rd Nov) is for talks and presentations from 7 awesome speakers, Here is the talk topic with a speaker.

  • Matt Suiche (Keynote) - Building and Developing Communities
  • Jim Manico - The OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls 2018
  • Alex “Jay” Balan - Exploiting Cloud Synchronisation to Mass Hack IoTs
  • Vladimir Dashchenko - License managers: The Phantom Menace
  • Sergey Temnikov - License managers: The Phantom Menace
  • Rohit Tamma - How To Effectively Manage Your Org’s Cloud Security Posture
  • Sukriti Sharma - How To Effectively Manage Your Org’s Cloud Security Posture

You can find more details about speakers on Threat Con’s Website. There will be some more exciting activities like Live Hacking session where participants can earn money on site reporting vulnerabilities in the session. CTF is to test your hacking skill and win prizes and recognition. Arsenal event looks more interesting for me where we can see live demonstration of security tools built by experienced security researchers.

What I am expecting from the event?

After participating the event I will have idea about what are the Threats in modern web application and how to restricts threats and make secure application. I will know lots of terms of web security so that I can study more later. After participating in the event I will meet lot of security professionals and keep in touch with them in social media. After learning new things from there I will also share knowledge with my colleagues and friends.

Conclusion: I am excited to attend the ThreatCon Conference, I hope to see you there.

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